Cameo Rouge believes that all women are Adaptable, Strong, and Beautiful Warriors. 

Women make cameos everyday, simultaneously as moms, leaders, chefs, teachers, healers, athletes, and so much more. We multitask in our sleep, figuratively and occasionally literally.

We are everyday Warriors taking on whatever the world throws at us.

Accessories are meant to useful, versatile, and attractive. They speak for us and make a statement to the world about our power, attitude, and values.

Accessories are the Daily Tactical Gear everyday Warriors need. 

Whether going from virtual business meeting to the gym. Cameo Rouge has the jewelry, eye-wear, bags, and more to meet your daily war zone needs.


In the '70s, Pablo Dopico, a Cuban immigrant, opened Almacenes Casa Dopico in Miami, Florida. Selling fine jewelry and accessories in the heart ♥of downtown Miami. Over the next forty years, the companies business model would evolve with the changing landscape and times.

Today, three generations later, this family-owned business has transformed into Cameo Rouge, still a minority-owned business, but now also a woman and veteran-owned. Modernizing the company to meet the needs of today's woman.