Why Heart Lock Necklaces Can Make a Strong Statement

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If you want to show someone true love and devotion, give them a piece of jewelry that will make your intentions completely clear. Heart lock necklaces make a strong statement because they invoke two compelling pieces of symbolism; the heart itself, and a lock and a key feature that show clear commitment and love. Hearts are one of the most enduring symbols in art and jewelry, and they have been around for centuries. When it's time to show someone that you truly care, give them a sentimental heart lock.

Why Heart Lock Necklaces Make Strong Statements

Hearts are a universally accepted symbol that signifies devotion and love. Heart jewelry is something that's designed to be cherished forever, especially if it comes with a lock and key feature because it shows that you are giving someone the key to your heart. This type of jewelry should only be given to those who are privileged enough to have a strong place in your heart and life.

Most people give heart necklaces and lock and heart necklaces to close family members, best friends, and romantic partners. This is not a gift to be given lightly, and any recipient knows that they are in rare company if they receive one.

History of Necklaces With Heart Locks

Heart lock jewelry has a long history that dates all of the way back to the Middle Ages, when hearts began to appear in famous art and pieces of jewelry. You can even find hearts or heart-related imagery on family crests and in castles from that era. During the 16th century, more people started wearing hearts as jewelry, specifically in gold or silver form, and this type of jewelry became something of a status symbol for the rich and famous. If someone gave you a heart-shaped piece of jewelry, that meant that they really cared for you.

During this period of time, heart jewelry and jewelry with hearts and locks were not just given to romantic partners. They were also prized gifts that were handed out to close friends and family members. Often, this type of jewelry was passed down through generations.

Meaning of Hearts In Jewelry

As our heart is one of our most vital organs, it symbolizes that our lives are enhanced, or even fueled, by the presence of another person in our world. For years, the deep symbolism of hearts, especially heart jewelry with locks, has been used to signify true love and devotion. There are a few reasons why hearts are such powerful expressions of romance and familial love. Below are just two of them.

Fuels Our Body

Simply put, the heart fuels our body. It is literally responsible for pumping blood to all of our limbs and helping us survive. Without the heart, we would die, which is why this type of jewelry is so special. We are showing someone that they are as important to us as our most critical organ.

Shows Devotion

The history of hearts and locks is long and fascinating. For centuries, people have put heart-shaped locks on fences throughout the planet. If you travel to certain towns in Europe, you will see this phenomenon everywhere. Traditionally, it's customary to secure the lock and then throw away the key, symbolizing devotion and loyalty.

Heart lock jewelry can be gold or silver, and many people like to adorn their pieces with precious or semi-precious stones. It's possible to customize your jewelry as well or engrave it with special dates to commemorate anniversaries or births. Ultimately, how you style your jewelry is totally up to you, but the meaning is very much universal.

Who These Necklaces Are Good For

Since heart lock jewelry, specifically necklaces, are used to signify strong feelings of love and loyalty, they aren't typically gifts that you just present to anyone. There are a few people in your life who would undoubtedly appreciate such an important piece of jewelry, and it will let them know how special they truly are.


This type of jewelry is the ultimate gift for your mother. Honor the strongest woman in your life by showing her that she will always have the key to your heart. If you have siblings, you can even customize the jewelry with semiprecious stones that represent your birthdays. Additionally, necklaces like these are simple and versatile enough to be worn every day and look stunning with both casual and more elegant outfits.


Sisters have a special place in our hearts, especially as we grow older and have families and lives of our own. Giving your sister a heart and lock piece of jewelry is an important and sweet way to show her that you are always thinking of her, regardless of the distance between the two of you. With so many different options out there, it's easy to find the perfect necklace that suits every style and taste.

Best Friends

Just like sisters, best friends are part of our lives through all of our ups and downs, and giving your best friend a necklace with a heart and lock on it can show that you value her friendship and are loyal until the end. In a way, gold or silver heart jewelry is just adult extensions of the best friend necklaces that we used to wear as children. It's the same sentiment, but a lot more sophisticated and grown-up.


If you want to show your girlfriend that you are truly serious about taking your relationship to the next level, consider getting her one of these charming necklaces. It's a classy and romantic way to prove your devotion to her. These sorts of necklaces make excellent holiday, birthday, or anniversary gifts and are sure to wow and charm just about anyone who receives one.


Heart and lock jewelry are excellent Valentine's Day, anniversary gifts, or simply "I love you" presents for your wife. There is nobody on the planet who holds the key to your heart as much as the woman you married and giving her a precious necklace that echoes this sentiment will surely take your relationship to the next level and strengthen it for many years to come.

Statement Jewelry Says It All

Heart lock necklaces are ideal gifts for the strongest, most capable women in your life. They are both fierce and beautiful and will show her that you are uniquely devoted and loyal to her. Every woman is a warrior who needs a stunning collection of jewelry to truly show off who she is and what she can do. Heart lock jewelry has powerful symbolism and iconic style, making it perfect for subtly showing off strength while still maintaining a cohesive look. Best of all, it's versatile enough to wear every day.

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