Simple Rings: Boost Your Wardrobe With a Classic Accessory Set

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There's strength in simplicity. The understated has a way of standing out from the crowd, not because it seeks attention, but because it doesn't. A stack of simple rings is the essence of pretty meeting practical. They make the perfect accessory for the woman who is confident in embracing her femininity and her ferocity.

Simple Rings: Boost Your Wardrobe With a Classic Accessory Set

You've probably appreciated a simple ring, or rings, on others without registering just what it was about their style you admired. Arriving on the accessory scene years ago, it is unlikely they'll be falling off-trend any time soon. With staying power typically found in classics like solitaire engagement rings, simplistic rings are here for keeps, and we couldn't be happier.

Easily recognizable by their lack of ornate extras, these rings come in numerous styles. Smooth slim bands, so delicate a fairy might use one as a hula-hoop. Chunky textured rings, offering a bit of substance. If those don't suit you, the hundreds of options in between guarantee that you'll find the ring or rings that feel like you were born to wear them.

Versatile as You

Classy and sensual on date night or refined and tasteful in a work meeting, these rings have styling flexibility not found in many accessories. Pair them with pearls for timeless elegance. Walk on the wild side and add a stack of rings to an outfit featuring jewelry of various textiles, like leather or faux leather, for a bohemian touch. Mixing and matching them with pieces you already own takes your everyday look to the next level.

The fun thing about rings is there's no excessive effort or commitment to a style necessary to try them. If you get out for the evening and aren't pleased with the outfit and accessory combination you've created, slip them off effortlessly. There are no irritating clasps to fumble with, like trying to remove a necklace, and no fear of them becoming tangled in your purse or pockets. You can try styling them again next time with no repercussions.

Good as Gold (and Silver!)

Simple stackable rings often come with numerous rings in a set. Typically, all the rings will be the same color or type of metal. The color you choose will impact styling, so having a selection of both gold and silver-toned can make getting ready that much more straightforward. When the rings are reasonably priced like the original round bangled ring set from CameoRouge, you don't have to break the bank to rock silver and gold.

Remember when magazines used to have quizzes to determine what color jewelry would look best on you? Those days are long gone and with good reason! Both gold and silver are versatile and well-suited to all complexions; what matters most is the accent colors of clothing and accessories you pair with them. Unless you don't like one metal for personal reasons, nothing keeps you from wearing both!

Gold Medal Style

If you decide you want to pair your gold-toned rings with accessories and accent colors, here are some hues that pair perfectly. Simple gold rings can give off a sunny feel with their warm tone and shine. Pair them with coral pinks, cheerful oranges, and crisp white to cop a beach resort aesthetic. Don't be afraid of a nautical look; bring in some navy if you don't love the peachy coral or orange color scheme.

Gold rings transition as smoothly to fall as they suited summertime. Create an expensive appearance pairing stackable gold-toned rings alongside burnt orange, marigold, and chocolate brown articles of clothing. When the cold winds of winter blow in, embrace elegant jewel-toned colors, such as citrine yellow and amethyst purple. Simple gold rings can make a statement with your wardrobe all year round.

Stack Some Silver Rings

Silver-toned jewelry will forever be a classic. While elegant enough to stand alone, try these shades if you decide to pair your silver rings with other colors for an extra pop. Believe it or not, basic black is one of the more popular pairings for silver, providing a flattering contrast. You'll want to avoid warm-hued pastels and instead lean towards icy-toned colors.

Purple, navy, and royal blue all look lovely with silver rings and are stylable for any season. Neutrals pair flawlessly as well, with tan, grey, and white being common pairings. Silver jewelry brings youthful daintiness to any outfit without being too flashy. Casual or corporate, your simple silver rings can pull off any aesthetic you attempt.

Left-Hand Styling

It's fun to consider the meanings associated with the placement of rings on particular fingers. While it isn't something mentioned very often today, let's take a lighthearted look at the tradition. Love, both romantic and platonic, is associated with the left hand because it is on the same side of the body as the heart. That proximity is part of the tradition of wearing engagement or wedding rings on the left hand's fourth finger.

Wearing a ring on the middle finger on the left hand isn't for fancying up rude communication in traffic. Rather it symbolizes that you have the power to take on responsibility and a good challenge. The left index finger means leadership, so stack your rings proudly and embrace it! Traditionally, a ring on the left thumb signifies stubbornness and a fiery temper, though, in the past decade, the placement is seen as fashionable.

On the Other Hand

Though there are exceptions, primarily, the right hand is associated with creativity and professional goals. In professions such as ecology and engineering, people sometimes wear a ring on this finger to symbolize their degree. A ring on the ring finger on the right hand announces an individual is engaged or married in Russia, India, and Germany. Elsewhere, it means resourcefulness and a creative soul.

During business meetings, it isn't uncommon to see a stack of rings on the middle finger of the right hand. This placement intends to signal trustworthiness subconsciously to their partners or colleagues. A ring on the right index finger is customary in traditional Jewish weddings, but index finger placement highlights discretion and ruling ability in other situations. Right-hand thumb rings are fashionable and suggest your desire to impose your will; look for them on influential individuals.

Stack Them High

A simple ring doesn't need to stand alone unless that's the look you've styled! Don't be afraid to stack up some subtle rings to create an effortlessly chic style. When the rings are simple in design, you can put multiple on a finger, spacing them in a way you find attractive.

If multiple rings on one finger don't feel right, scatter a few across various fingers. If you purchased rings with adjustable sizings, such as those available from CameoRouge, you have the option of wearing them as midi-rings. Midi-rings sit above the middle knuckle and are growing in popularity as their modern meets bohemian feel is versatile and stylish.

Take the plunge on a hot style that is here for the long haul with simple rings. Stacked, individual, or scattered, you'll want these in your jewelry box in both silver and gold. Hurry to CameoRouge and grab a set of original round bangled rings in each color! You'll be delighted with the variety of looks you can create with these classic rings.

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