Meal Train for the Gaul Family

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Sarah and Jeramy 

Sarah is an Army Veteran, and Jeramy is a Army & Coast Guard Veteran (yep double duty). They are amazing family always helping others. When we were stationed in Alaska, Jeramy was the first to invite me [or any newbie] to the range, and Sarah was the super mom, I aspire to be. Sarah is always the first to rally the troops and in any cause to help others. These are what true heroes look like and now they need our help. Please read about their meal train here, and how you can honor and support these wonderful people. 

Gaul family Picture

What is a meal train?
When a friend is in need, everyone asks "What can I do to help?" The answer is always to provide support through a meal. When many friends provide support through a meal, this is a Meal Train. is a free meal calendar tool that makes planning meals among a wide group easy and less stressful.

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You can view the Meal Train by clicking the following button.

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About this Meal Train

The last few years have been full of medical issues for the Gaul family and now both Sarah and Jeramy are unable to drive while recovering from surgeries. Jeramy had rotator cuff surgery on Aug 6 and Sarah just had her 3rd lumbar spine surgery on Aug 20, this time to clean out an infection that had gotten into the incision from the surgery on July 9 to repair a cerebral spinal fluid leak and remove other fluid on her spine. They are both exhausted and in a lot of pain, so not having to worry about meals a few nights a week will be a huge help.

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