Love Intertwined

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We women are sometimes everything to everyone. We don't just rise to the challenge we succeed by doing everything from a place of love.

Love Intertwined is in everything Cameo Rouge does because you intertwine love in everything you do.

Love Intertwined is more than a slogan, it's our way of life. I started Cameo Rouge as a family business and could have only gotten this far with the Love and support of my family, friends, and community.

For this reason, I have designated our Love Intertwined Collection with the products which I have the highest confidence that you will adore. Many of these products have been handed down with the family business and have stood the test of time, while others I have personally designed and packaged. 

My personal favorite item in this collection is the Swiss Gold Bar Necklace. It looks like the real thing, so much so, that when I found it in my Abuelo's inventory, a small part of me hoped they were the real thing. Immediately googling what the price of gold was. The gold bar necklace is faux, but that feeling of hope, aspiration, and belief I could be relaxing on my own private island stays with me every time I wear it. It is now my go-to power accessory for meetings with 'big wigs' and closing deals. 

I hope that every item in the Love Intertwined Collection brings you your own personal boost. Because when we are everything to everyone, those little boosts can mean everything. 

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  • Love the neckless nice it has nice weight to it. I also purchased the boss mom T-shirt and a set of bohemian rings. Love it thank you

    Th on

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