Keep Holiday Migraines Away

Posted by Eve Horne on

The Holidays are HERE, and it is hard enough to get through the drama without a Pandemic and, well, the complete drama of 2020.  

So here are my top 3 tips to Keep Holiday Migraines Away.

1. Upgrade your "me" time. It might be hard to get quality free time, or heading out to anywhere. However, you can make those little everyday moments count. Add some sandalwood scents to your shower, light a nice candle, and dim the lights when you are online shopping or add some lavender scents to your pillow before you fall asleep. 

2.  Don't compromise on your Morning routine. Holidays will easily throw off your routines. If one routine is the most important its your morning, and don't compromise it. Whether it is your triple shot coffee, yoga, or tall glass of water, its probably the most important thing to get you through the day, so don't compromise it.

3. Mint tea. Migraines can paralyze you and uproot your entire holiday. Mint is a great aromatherapy for headaches, and mint tea is soothing. Tessies Teas has this amazing mint crystalized tea, just add hot water and let the soothing begin. 


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