Charm Bracelet Kit: A Perfect Way to Bond With Your Kids (or Just Design Your Own!)

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A piece of jewelry can make a bold statement or subtly accessorize - the choice is yours. Your input becomes even more substantial when you use a charm bracelet kit to craft your own piece. This is an opportunity to exercise some creativity, bond with your kids (they'll love the simple but meaningful craft), or simply relax by yourself.

Build a Charm Bracelet Kit to Bond With Your Kids

Every parent wants to raise a healthy, happy, well-behaved child. Saying you love your kids is important, but parenting requires more than words; the love you feel needs to be put into action so they feel it. And one of the best ways to do this is with activities all of you enjoy, such as designing a charm bracelet from a kit.

Helps You Stay Present

Being present is simply another way of saying that you're paying attention. All relationships require work, and that with your child is no different; he or she needs positive attention to thrive, a level of diligence that requires focus and effort. The secret is in taking small, consistent steps and setting aside time for only your child each day.

A creative project like jewelry making can be done morning, noon, or night, meaning it's flexible. It also keeps you in the moment because some degree of creativity is required and your child will likely have questions or need assistanceIn other words, it's an activity that hits all the high points in helping parents and children bond.

Provides a Sense of Accomplishment

Designing a charm bracelet builds memories and results in something tangible the two of you made together. Every time your child looks at the jewelry, he or she will think of you and feel a sense of accomplishment. Crafting also lets your child explore new activities and develop self-regulation skills (patience).

Boosts Happiness

Creativity is proven to increase happiness in people. To better understand, consider the concept of flow - that state you enter when you're completely absorbed in a project. Time passes unchecked, you forget where you are, and worries slip from your mind. This is flow, and studies confirm it can:
  • Slow your heart rate
  • Improve your mood
  • Reduce anxiety

The Dopamine Effect

Creative projects produce more than flow; repetitive actions like sorting beads and stringing them together result in a finished product you can see. And when you successfully create something, regardless of what it is, dopamine floods your brain.

This feel-good chemical delivers many positive results, including motivating you to continue in the same vein. Whether you're aware of your increased happiness or not, the dopamine will influence you to engage in similar behaviors, meaning it will encourage you to spend more time with your children.

Considerations for Jewelry-Making Kits

Any bracelet kit you choose should be age-appropriate. Younger kids often lack the motor skills required for complicated techniques, while older kids may feel frustrated by projects that seem too simple. To illustrate, ages three to five may be most successful with larger beads that slide easily over string or thread. Brightly colored beads will also help hold their attention.

From ages six to nine, children tend to appreciate medium-size beads still brightly colored, but perhaps more sophisticated in appearance. Pre-teens are likely to enjoy simple kits that allow them to exercise some independent judgment. They may also want to make matching necklaces or multiple bracelets they can share with you, their siblings, and their friends.

The Technique

In addition to being suitable for a variety of ages, jewelry kits also come in a range of different techniques. Bracelet kits with beads or charms, for instance, can incorporate complex patterns that must be followed and equally taxing threading techniques.

Alternatively, they can be as simple as stringing the beads through the thread. These different techniques, in addition to various bead colors and textures, allow your children to express themselves in unique ways, so look for kits that match their personalities.  


It's important you supervise your kids when they use a charm bracelet kit, especially if they're quite young or haven't previously crafted. If instructions are provided, read them together; if they're not, and the supplies included are pretty straightforward, demonstrate to your child how the beads slide onto the string.


If you're choosing a kit to use at a party, are baby-sitting additional kids, or have multiple children, ensure it comes with enough supplies for everyone. In addition to supplies like beads and thread, you'll also need sufficient tools to make the bracelets. This will prevent frustration within the group and ensure you spend quality time together.

Proper Storage

Purchasing a storage container for unused beads, extra string, and jewelry-specific tools can help you stay organized. Containers can also keep small components from going missing and/or being chewed by pets or toddlers.

Your Own Personal Endeavor

Alternatively, if you're looking for a new project while the kids nap or play at a friend's house, jewelry-making can be extremely gratifying. Most kits come with everything you need and allow you to hit the ground running. And just as you would do for your children, you can choose a kit that best reflects your personality - and wear the bracelet you create with pride.

While each designer works at his or her own pace, crafting a bracelet generally goes pretty quickly. The time you spend will depend on the intricacy of the design, but you might plan on 30 minutes to arrange the beads and ensure the final product meets your exacting standards.

Improves Mental Health

Earlier, we mentioned a shared creative project can help you and your children feel happier. If you embark on a jewelry-making quest of your own, the rewards will still be there; the difference is they'll be all your own.

To illustrate, creative activities have shown to focus the mind in a way comparable to meditation. Both calm the body and brain, and creativity help slow those 60,000 thoughts the average person has each day so you can think more clearly. It can also help you:
  • Manage negative emotions
  • Process trauma
  • Reduce depression

Increases Immune Responses

A study published in The Journal of Positive Psychology confirms that creative endeavors can increase immune system functions. The link exists in your thoughts, where the mind, body, and spirit connection is strongest. Creativity can expand your perspective so you see more possibilities. This encourages you to focus on what's going right rather than wrong in life - a pattern that reduces stress and encourages a greater sense of well-being.

Forces You to Make Time for Yourself

It's startling to think something as simple as a charm bracelet kit can be so beneficial, but forcing you to take a moment for yourself makes you a more empathetic parent. As little as one hour a week of "me time" can increase the compassion you feel for others and amplify your emotional intelligence. And this helps you be more patient when dealing with your children.

How is this possible? Embarking on a solo project gives you space and quiet to become more self-aware. You can clarify your emotions and, in turn, understand why you act or feel certain ways.

Whether you want to bond with your kids or take a moment for yourself, a bracelet-making kit is a perfect way to unwind. Order your kit today - visit Cameo Rouge online or call us directly.

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