Amazonite Earrings: A Simple Yet Classy Accessory

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When searching for a classic accessory that you can wear time and time again, look no further than a pair of amazonite earrings. The stones calming soft green color will bring life to most modern outfits and compliment any skin tone. Plus, there is more to amazonite than meets the eye.

Amazonite Earrings: A Simple Yet Classy Accessory

How to Wear Amazonite

For thousands of years and still today, amazonite has been an incredibly popular stone in jewelry and decorative items. The soft green stone is extremely versatile and has associations with the oceans, the lush green earth, and mother nature herself. It adds a flash of color and personality when paired with everyday attire, and it also has a host of healing and wellness properties. The stone makes for a bold yet soothing piece of jewelry because it is synonymous with Mother Nature as well as female Amazonian warriors.

A simple pair of silver or gold hoops can be adorned with amazonite to create a classy and meaningful accessory. Their simplicity and timeless style mean they can part of your everyday look, with no risk of them clashing or looking out of place from your day-to-day attire. Alternatively, they can be kept for special occasions. In any case, a simple pair of earrings decorated with amazonite will add a touch of class and warmth to any outfit.

What Is Amazonite?

Amazonite is the trade name for a variety of microcline: a potassium feldspar. Feldspar is one of the world's most abundant minerals. However, there are only a few varieties that are gemstone quality. Amazonite can be found underground in hydrothermal veins, granite pegmatites, schists, gneisses, and sedimentary rocks.

Due to its rich, watery tones, the stone is named after South America's largest river, the Amazon. However, there have been no deposits ever found there. The gemstone is mined in Australia, Brazil, Afghanistan, Canada, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Sweden, Namibia, Norway, Russia, Poland, and the United States, specifically in Virginia and Colorado.


The most amazing thing about amazonite and any gemstone jewelry is that each piece is completely unique. Gemstones form over millions of years, deep inside the earth, and no two pieces are the same. Amazonite can be found in a range of colors, from a milky soft green to a greenish-blue that is almost turquoise. The color can be pale and pastel-like or vivid and highly saturated.

Some stones can have streaks or spiderwebs of white quartz. The beautiful colors of the amazonite stone are believed to be created by small quantities of lead and water. Its color beautifully embodies mother nature and looks gorgeous against all skin tones and hair colors, making it a perfect gift to give to yourself or any loved one.

The History and Lore 

Amazonite has a long and deep connection to humankind. It was known as the Stone of Courage or the Stone of Truth to many ancient societies. The stone's history can be traced back to the tenth century BC. According to legend, the Brazilian warrior women of the ancient Amazon tribe decorated their shields with the stone, give it as gifts to visiting guests, and use it to cure illness and heal wounds.

Ancient Egyptians were also enamored with the stone, believing it to be a symbol of fertility and good luck. They wore it on talismans, amulets, and other forms of jewelry. They also used slabs of amazonite rock to carve Chapter Seven, The Judgment of Osiris, of the Book of the Dead. An amazonite scarab ring was found in the tomb of King Tutankhamen. The king's death mask was adorned with an inlay of gemstones, including amazonite.

Amazonite as a Healing Crystal

For thousands of years, humans have used crystals and gemstones to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Some believe that crystals can interact with the body's energy, acting as a magnet to absorb negative energies while also instilling their own positive properties. Because they are naturally formed and extracted, they contain energy from the sun, moon, earth, and oceans. When placed over the body, the stone interacts with the body's energy and promotes wellness and physical, emotional, and spiritual cleansing.

Amazonite is a stone of many names; The Soothing Stone, Stone of Truth, and the Stone of Courage. It is believed to have a whole host of healing properties, and when worn as jewelry, the wearer can reap these benefits. So what exactly is amazonite said to be good for?


Emotionally, the stone is said to have soothing and calming effects on the mind. It soothes anxious and self-destructive thoughts, boosts self-esteem, calms aggression, and aids recovery from emotional trauma. It enables the brain to make calm and rational decisions while enhancing communication skills. Amazonite is a brilliant aid for dissolving negative energy. Amazonite soothes your soul and leaves you more positively minded, whether it be your own negative thoughts or toxic energy from others


Amazonite is believed to have an abundance of physical healing properties, such as enhancing cell regeneration, which speeds up healing from injury and illness. It has positive effects on the throat and thyroid area. When rubbed directly onto the skin, it is said to help with skin conditions such as rashes and acne. It is also said to help with nervous system disorders and metabolic imbalances. Some believe it aids the body in better absorbing calcium, leading to better bone health and stronger and shinier hair.


Intellect and intuition are balanced by amazonite, providing a healthy state of mind and rational perceptions. It brings clarity and authenticity, making it easier to understand and accept personal truths, helping to communicate and connect with our truest self. It can help with spiritual healing in the areas of forgiveness and love. In Feng Shui, amazonite brings water energy and is good for career and life paths when placed in the northern part of a room or house.

Chakra Stones

Chakras are the energy centers of the body. There are seven main chakras, all corresponding to specific organs and nerve bundles. Certain crystals can help keep these energy centers open and balanced. Amazonite is strongly connected to both the heart and throat chakras, the heart representing love and compassion, and the throat representing communication. Wearing amazonite as earrings or a necklace keeps the stone close to these chakras.

In Meditation

When used in meditation, amazonite is used as a stone of truth, encouraging truth in the perception of all things. Meditators can trust what they learn practicing with amazonite. It also allows for a balanced meditation within the spiritual and physical world.

Is It a Birthstone?

Amazonite is not a traditional birthstone nor a traditional zodiac stone. However, it is commonly used by people born in March for protection and balance. It has also been said to be beneficial to the zodiac sign of Virgo (August 23 - September 22).

Whether you are wearing amazonite jewelry for its healing properties or simply as a decorative accessory, this stunning stone will fulfill all of your needs. Its versatile and beautiful colors will compliment any outfit, hair color, or skin tone and makes for the perfect, timeless jewelry piece. Visit Cameo Rouge to find the perfect pair of amazonite earrings and view our range of beautiful necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings.

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