7 Must-Have Accessories Every Woman Warrior Needs

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Every day, the Woman Warrior goes out to battle with her busy life. Holding down our dream career is just one facet of our achievements. We have families to take care of and homes to keep looking beautiful. Then there is the important business of looking after ourselves too, body and mind. We stay in shape, we take care of our appearance and we show everyone we meet how fierce we are.


All this and more is what every Warrior has to wrestle with. We know that every one of you takes a huge amount of responsibility on her shoulders with a smile on her face. We want to help make those daily chores as easy as possible for you, our Warriors. We have created a list of the perfect accessories that will make your days a little easier to conquer and help you to always put your best foot forward.


7 Must-Have Accessories Every Woman Warrior Needs

1. Semper Warrior Engraved Silver Bar Chain Necklace

Semper simply means 'always' in Latin. Take a visual reminder of the power and strength that you embody every single day with you wherever you go with this beautiful statement necklace. The power of positive thinking and manifesting the changes you want to see in the world has been long recognized, and this is a great way to harness your inner Warrior.

Available in a range of colors that suit your individual personality, you will love the simple but impactful design of this pendant. The strong spring clasp will make sure it stays secure, and the nickel-free chain means that this necklace is friendly to the skin. This piece of jewelry is the perfect accessory for an independent woman who is out to take names and really show her success to everyone she meets.

2. Handmade "Not Another Flower" Leather Journal

This beautiful journal is a step away from the "pink and pretty" vibe that is too often the only option for female accessories. The high-quality leather cover gives a luxurious feel to this beautifully crafted book, which Warriors can use to keep notes on their days, plan their future goals and reflect on their achievements.


Organizing our aspirations and aims is a fantastic way to stay in control of daily progress and success. This beautiful collaboration with artist Erin Van Vuren is a classic example of a vintage feel piece that will make you feel amazing each time you open the cover. The stitched pages and leather binding have a sense of the old, which will help you to focus on taking lessons from the past to build a better future.


3. Body Butter

Muscle recovery body butter is a true essential for the Super Mom on the go. Being in charge of a busy household is hard, physical work and so you need to give your body the chance to rejuvenate at the end of a long day. This lightly whipped body butter has a gorgeous, decadent texture and is made with all-natural ingredients so you know it will really care for your skin. 

It is made with coconut oil and shea butter, and you can also choose your custom essential oils that will help to relax your tight muscles and encourage healing ready for you to head into battle again tomorrow. The body butter comes in a gorgeous bamboo container with a laser-etched design that will take pride of place on your bathroom counter.


4. Arleta Seamless Leggings & Sports Bra Set

An important part of being a successful female Warrior is keeping mind and body strong. Going to the gym and getting that great workout helps you to stay positive and smiling as well as keeping you in shape. But you can make every workout that little bit easier by wearing the right outfit. It's like having the right tools for a construction job - you need to be unrestricted in your movement and enjoy good airflow to get the best from your gym session.

You will certainly get that with this seamless sports bra and leggings set, which come in a range of stunning colors. As well as looking your best, they will help you to feel confident with whatever your preference of activity is to keep mind and body properly centered. Time on the treadmill, a yoga class, or even a bike ride will all feel that bit easier to manage with these fashionable and practical accessories.


5. Hygiene Key Ring

Once you have a hygiene keyring of your own, you will wonder how you ever managed without it. Save on the cost and environmental impact of disposable gloves by carrying this with you to help you stay safe at high traffic touchpoints. Use it to input your PIN number at the ATM, to open doors in public areas, or even to pull levers.

As well as reducing the amount of physical personal contact you need to make with risky touchpointsthis keyring is made from an anti-microbial copper alloy that kills 99% of bacteria. And it is incredibly compact, allowing you to carry it with you at all times without so much as a second thought.


6. Bamboo Charcoal Skin Detoxing Facial

A busy life can expose your skin to a terrifying array of toxins. The air is full of pollutants from traffic and industry, and our pores are constantly bombarded with undesirable elements as well as attacked by the aging effects of the weather as we go about our everyday tasks as strong, vibrant women. Take a moment for yourself with a detoxing facial that harnesses the purifying power of charcoal.

This process will give you a gentle exfoliation using all-natural ingredients that will not unnaturally dry out your skin. Charcoal, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin C will all encourage and support your skin's natural healing processes. And since you do not need to use more than just a thin layer of the mask, one pot will last you for a number of applications, so it represents a great value too.


7. Elegant Rivet Shoulder Messenger Bag

You have to keep all of these must-have accessories somewhere, and being a real-life Super Woman means not having to sacrifice your individual style while you are rocking the world. This beautiful messenger bag has plenty of space to hold your arsenal of important items but has a high-quality finish that will be sure to turn heads.


This bag has a shoulder strap and a carry handle, so you can wear it in whatever way that suits you. The versatile design and beautiful color block appearance with rivet detailing means that this item works for a range of occasions, following you through from daytime to eveningwear. Who says practicality can't be decisively on-trend too?


Whatever your daily challenges, we know that you are an everyday superhero, keeping all the plates spinning and achieving the impossible every single day. It is our pleasure to provide Warriors like you with everything they need to battle the elements and to be the strong, independent heroes that we all love to celebrate. Visit us at Cameo Rouge for these and other accessories that will allow you to confidently face every new day with your head held high!

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