7 Amazing Mother's Day Gifts for Women Veterans

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Mother's Day is less than two months away! Picking out a present is never easy but we've got some great ideas for Mother's Day gifts that we're sure she'll love. Of course, at Cameo Rouge, we also want to take a moment to say thank you to both the mothers and women veterans in our lives. So as a woman and veteran-owned company, we've put together this list of amazing Mother's Day gifts for the strong woman veteran mom in your life.

Seven Amazing Mother's Day Gifts for Women Veterans

1. Rings of All Kinds

Our stylish collection of rings come in a variety of designs and colors. The Geometric Rings set uses creative combinations of shapes to catch your eye with their subtle complexity. The linked Bangled Ring set puts five silver bands on a single finger and is sure to be a hit. If your mother's style is less militant, consider the Bohemian set, with its delicate curves and swooping designs.

For a more traditional approach, consider the Classic Style Rings. These are tastefully understated and won't scream “look at me”, but will still serve as a heartwarming reminder of whoever was smart enough to buy these for a Mothers Day gift. The Bows and Hearts set features iconic emblems like tied ribbons, hearts, and other braided bands that will never go out of style.

Whatever your mom's style, these sets of rings include anywhere from six to nine pieces, making them a great gift. It'll look like you robbed the jewelry store when she opens her present this Mother's Day!  

2. Show Her Strength With a Semper Warrior Facemask

Even if your power mom has been vaccinated, we're still advised to wear masks for the time being to protect others. And if she hasn't gotten her shot yet, then all the more reason to check out the Semper Warrior facemask. It sends a powerful message about the powerful person in your life, and its stylish color combination is sure to go great with the rest of her gear.

The 100% supersoft polyester makes for a comfortable fit, perfect for all-day use. The nose wire and elastic bands help you get a perfect fit every time. And there's even a little pocket for a filter so you can feel even more secure. Help mom stay safe and stay strong.

We have a variety of other reusable masks as well, check out the full selection in our Always Ready department.

3. Get Her a Tactical Tote

The veteran community tends to keep their marksmanship skills sharp and always ready. But when you go shopping for gear, most stores focus on men and for every item you find for a woman, there are 20 more for a man. Our Daily Tactical Gear line flips the script with its rugged yet beautiful bags and totes.

Check out the Augusta Leather Backpack. With black leather adorned with goldenrod trim, you've got a classy backpack that you could take into a boardroom. It converts into a messenger bag with its top handle, or you can wear it as a backpack. It's got plenty of pockets for your tactical gear or everyday carry. The heavy padding will make sure everything inside stays safe while you stay fashionable.

4. Support Vegan Leather Initiatives

If your mom's an animal lover and hates to see them suffer, then vegan leather is the way to go. Our Contrast Vegan Leather Crossbody Shoulder Messenger Bag strikes a splendid balance between style and function. It's compact, but not so small you couldn't use it every day. A tablet could fit in here for work, or your other everyday carry items.

Best of all, it comes in a variety of colors, all of which use certified vegan leather. We're naturally a bit biased towards the “Cameo” color, which combines our favorite colors to form that sharp contrast the bag is named after. For a more subtle approach, go for the Olive bag. And if you want one that's ready for a night out on the town, the Silver or Shine models use an iridescent coating that gives them a gorgeous rainbow shimmer.  

No matter what style fits your mom best, there's a bag for her from Cameo Rouge. Scope out her closet if you're not sure which one would be the best fit. A little Mother's Day detective work goes a long way.

5. Blue Light Glasses for the Work-at-Home Mom

These days we're spending a lot more time in front of the computer, and chances are your mom is too. But it's not just Facebook time on the computer, now we're working from home and that blue light has the potential to burn out your eyes. There are certainly going to be tons of studies on this after we return to our offices, but we know that the blue light from screens can strain your eyes and disrupt sleep cycles.

Blue light glasses like our Zephyr Classic Rectangle Blue Light Glasses filter out this blue light and reduce the strain on your eyes. If mom's working from home, get her a pair and help her keep her sharpshooting eyes razor-sharp. We've got multiple models and colors available, so you're sure to find one that mom will love.

6. Show Patriotism With a Waving American Flag Bracelet

If your mom served for America, then you know she loves America. And what better way to show your love for America than to proudly rock the American flag on your wrist for all to see? Our Waving American Flag Bracelet puts your patriotism on your person like no other.

We use laser-cut wood on this bracelet, and not just any old wood we find lying around! We use sustainably sourced wood and recycled materials. Since each segment is independent, it'll seem almost like the flag is waving at you when you flick your wrist. And with free shipping, you won't have to break the bank for Mother's Day gifts this year.  

7. The Virginia Camouflage Set: Active Wear for a Warrior

Military moms stay active well after their tours come to a close. Help yours stay fit with our wide selection of activewear. If your mother likes to flaunt her love for the military, check out the Virginia Camouflage Set.

With its sculpted compression fit and polyester-spandex mix, it'll be a perfect fit every time. It's also our only set with a long-sleeved top, which gives it a unique look that's sure to impress the rest of the girls at the next fitness class. Gear up for boot camp with this butt-kicking apparel.

Make this Mother's Day a memorable one with gifts that speak to your mother's sacrifice for you, and the sacrifice she made for her country. She's given to you twice, consider it your patriotic duty to give back to her at least once this year. We love updating our inventory, so bookmark the site and visit Cameo Rouge to see our latest offers.

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